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List of 5 People With Superpowers in real world

Superpowers in real world: so guys here is the list of People With Superpowers in real world.

List of 5 People With Superpowers



Superpowers number five

number five real-life Superman with Superpowers this guy by no means resembles. Clark Kent with his trademark glasses nor does he Donna Superman cape but he does share something with this famous. fiction hero filmed in Hong Kong a man takes a video of a woman having a photo shoot. when suddenly a hooded young man comes into view at first. there doesn’t seem to be anything unusual but, the next moment he seems to be trying to gain control of a pulsing bright blue glow emanating from his palms. he continues walking until looking up and realizing he’s being filmed. he takes off running and the cameraman follows only to lose him. mysteriously as he appears to disappear in front of a moving bus five on five months and you do volleyball.

Superpowers number Four

number for Tiger lil with mind control unbeknownst to her a young woman who gets involved in a very public altercation with two men uses her powers to defend herself the argument escalates. when the woman puts her arms out in a shoving motion which throws the two men up the side of a bus.
everyone moves away from her and even she seems very scared and confused she uses Superpowers same shoving gesture when she turns around a table turns over causing items to pour over onto the street. she seems totally unnerved by her own abilities and even collapses in a fit of screaming at the end of the video went even her friend moves away from her in fear of this Superpowers away getting at i’m gonna be off.

when I got Bob up my lap my command even hardly i’m going to talk about where i clear my United hi about it all. the flour 1 i’m coming over this wandering around like I want to quit. right and I yeah, anything happening.

Superpowers number Three

right number three figure with Superpowers speed the black-and-white film presumably from a security camera shows a clear image of a man with groceries walking to his car in a parking garage. just as he reaches it a blur of bright light passes by so quickly you cannot make out what it is the man startled stands back and looks around to see every car alarm in the area has gone on.

Superpowers number Two

number two hooded figure in a grocery store in this next video a hooded figure is seen using his Superpowers in a grocery store in the first footage she’s shown helping a person get something from the top shelf but just as the woman reaches for something her back suddenly glows and she uses some kind of telekinesis power to do it in. the next footage a little girl was nearly hit by moving grocery card but the hooded figure suddenly uses her telekinesis ability to control. the direction of the card just by using a shoving gesture with her hand.

Superpowers number one

number one teleporter in India the black and white video filmed by a traffic. camera shows a giant truck moving into an intersection at high speed at that exact moment a man on a rickshaw also enters the space it appears as if the rickshaw will be hit just as a mysterious blurred figure zooms into view and the rickshaw and man seemed to disappear with it. the truck’s driver comes to a stop and exits his truck confused over what just Superpowers, happened the corner of the screen shows the hood dark figure beside the unharmed man and rickshaw before he or she walks away from the area

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