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The Mother of Valentine’s gifts using the Father of our Nation?

It has been known that a lot of politically and socially ‘elite’ people in India use currency notes for…er… rather unusual and random purposes. Garlands made out of currency notes of high value is an example well known to us all. But this man took the weird usage of Indian currency notes to a whole new level- by decorating his car with 2000 rupee notes!

This incident has undoubtedly left everyone dumbstruck, and as well it should! On the morning of February the 14th of 2017; this man decided to woo his lady love by driving to her place in a car-that he supposedly wanted to present to her as a gift- decorated with 2000 rupee notes! As he drove down the roads, locals and the police stared in open disbelief and detained the car and the driver (identity of whom remains a secret).

Many believe that this was a publicity or promotion stunt rather than an act of blind and mad love. This incident has been reported by many prominent newsapers too. The public opinion on this, however, varies.

While some call it a blatant disregard for currency and disrespect of the nation, others claim that the situation has been over dramatized and is not worth wasting time pondering over. Youth and seniors alike have exploded online with their views on the same!

One can’t help but wonder… what does the lady who was meant to receive the car think of her lover’s antics? Is she disappointed that the car never arrived at her doorstep? Is she wondering what her lover’s fate is at the hands of the police now?

Or is she perhaps thinking that she would never have driven around in a car that had so many currency notes stuck to it for its decór? Probably the latter.

Updated: May 4, 2017 — 9:46 pm

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