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Hurdles of the life that is faced by Srikanth Bolla

Hii guys.. As we all think ,we are the only one who faces so much Hurdles in life at this time of our school , colllege and in our job but today we are talking about Srikant Bolla  who is the great example for the youth to be inspire with it. He tell us that if we want too do something than no one can stop us.

Srikanth bolla is a person who is blind by birth and just because of this he faces so much problems, but after this also he never see back . Facing so much problems and rejections in his life , Bolla went to college and founded his firm “Bollant Industries.

Srikanth was born in farmers family who live Seetharamapuram of Andhra Pradesh . From the very start of his life was  very tough for him as he was born without vision and belongs to a low-income family. His disability continued to be an excuse for discrimination only because of his parents support he is living in this abject poverty. Later, in the school also, srikanth was neglected, no own see his passion for studies but he proved  everyone wrong and become an excellent student, passing his matriculation.In higher studies Bolla wanted to take Science . But the Education Board did not allow him to study his choice of stream. They said that Arts was the only stream for the blind people. But Srikanth was not ready to accept such type of explanation for denying him admission in Science stream . So he decide to take this matter to the court.  After six months, the Board gave admission to  srikanth  in the Science. He also proved his decision of taking science is right by scoring excellent marks in Class 12. His intelligence and persistence earned an opportunity to work  with former President Late APJ Abdul kalam for Lead India Project, a movement to empower the youth through value-based education.

So guys from this we get to know that ” Nothing is impossible” , If we want to do this and work hard.

Updated: July 13, 2017 — 5:30 am

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